Samsung Galaxy Note 7 impressions and what you should expect

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 impressions - Pixel My Ass

Hey guys, your best friend here. The other day someone asked me “Hey, I know you probably get this a lot, but what’s the best phone out there right now? The top dog?” And I just said: “The Galaxy S7.” I usually have a top phone that I can recommend to everyone. Nexus isn’t for everyone, specs aren’t for everyone, but you know, the Galaxy S7 Edge – It’s the go to phone, right? Great screen, great battery life, it’s fast, some fun features mixed in there and it generally rocks. So yeah, I recommend that. But now, the Galaxy Note 7 has just been announced and it is coming out on August 19, and as we expected Note 7 is not super different from the Galaxy S7 Edge we already have, in fact, you could probably call it like the Galaxy Edge 7 plus, and from the first impression, this is everything that was already great about the S7 and then even better – so that’s a good thing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 impressions - Pixel My AssFirst of all, just to get it out of the way what happened to the Note 6, I don’t really know, but with the Edge, it’s technically the seventh Note, plus it kind of lines up better with the Galaxy S7. So this phone takes all that’s great about the Galaxy S7 Edge and adds all that’s great about the Note series. So from the S7 Edge, you have your great specs, Snapdragon 820, 4 GB Ram (no 6 GB, but whatever),  you basically have cult standard here at this point, and you get your dual edge display, but adjusted a bit. Basically, they moved the apex of the curve a little bit closer to the edges of the screen, so there is more flat glass at the front and just a small curve on the sides, but that subtle curve really pushes the side bezel to almost nothing as you can see. This is something we were dreaming about five years ago, and now we have this basically nearly bezel-less phone on the sides. They curved the glass on the back in the same way too. So the phone is symmetrical in shape and the hand and it feels really good, plus it’s all these premium materials still as well – the glass with the metal rails.

All somewhere  a little bit smaller than the last Note but still a little bit bigger than the S7 Edge, but overall, yeah, very familiar. You also get the exact same camera from the Galaxy S7 the 12 megapixel F1.7 shooter with optical image stabilization and super quick auto focus.  That’s all still good and I am not even mad that it’s not a new camera, this is one is already extremely good at both photos and videos and it might already be the best low- light shooter in any smartphone – so I’ll take that.

Then you get the expandable Micro SD card storage of up to 256 GB that’s also from the galaxy s 7 and its also fully IP68 water proof like the galaxy s 7 and even these stylist is waterproof too, so no need to worry about dropping it in water or even using it in the rain it anything like that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 impressions - Pixel My AssNow from the note line of course u bring in the bigger size, so the bigger display, now it’s the 5.7 inch with quad HD Samsung, super AMOLED display and from first impressions it super lit, and u get the larger battery as well, you get the 3500mah battery in this bigger phone.

And it wouldn’t be a note without all the added S pen features. So of course the S pen is improved again this year, like I said it’s also waterproof and now it’s even more sensitive and has a couple features.

My favorite when I played around with it is the jiffy capture which literally just lets you capture any portion of your screen quickly  and save it immediately as I jiff and its super convenient, its probably the most underrated feature that nobody is talking about. I haven’t always been a big stylist guy honestly I usually try to give it a chance at first and then gradually use it less and less. But when they add convenient features like this they make me want to give it another shot.

Also I tried to stick the S pen in reverse just c if it would get stuck again but no I’m going to let someone else try that. But anyways u have this Frankenstein combination of the two best phones Samsung makes, plus a couple of extra features on top.

Fast wireless charging is still here, and it works with this sort of modem mod like accessory where u snap on a battery back on the back of the phone and it wireless charges so it doesn’t need any pins. Another thing is they finally switched over to USB type c, so this is the first USB type c Samsung has ever made, still has fast charging, and might be a sign for them to learn to shift over all of their flagships to USB c in the future. And there even tossed in iris scanning as a security feature, now believe me I was definitely skeptical about this like when they said it on stage but they let us try it and it seemed pretty damn cool.

So you hold your phone up about a foot from your face maybe a little less and u look at your phone to unlock it, it takes a couple of seconds to set up and then it seemed like each unlock got a little quicker, one after the next like it was learning my eyes better, and after a while it was unlocking almost as fast as a fingerprint sensor.

It can seem like a gimmick at first but it’s good to know at least it’s a good gimmick, it’s not a crappy trash feature, it actually works pretty well. It also has a IR sensor at the front of the phone for this, so it’s not using the front facing camera. And sensitive infrared it can work at night it can work through sunglasses and apparently it can’t be tricked with a picture of you, apparently, I’m definitely going to try that though.

So overall the galaxy note 7 looks like it has a lot going for it. I think this black stealthy version might be my next phone honestly looking at it. Of course there is also the new blue one, bright white and color full UX over the past couple of years but its better than it used to be. I don’t know I’m a fan so far from the first impression.

So definitely stay tuned for the full review so we can figure out if this guy is worth the premium price tag it’s going to be going for. If a $600 device is not your style you can always check out the best tablets for under $100.

So that’s basically it, that’s the first impression. Thanks for reading guys and I will catch you in the next one. Peace!

Germanwings goes Guerilla

Aloha! Just noticed that I did’t have a single blog post this year.. yikes 🙁 So let’s start a  new blogging cycle with something really worth showable:

German low-cost airline Germanwings came up with this awesome take on the Ryanairs and Easyjets of this world and their creativity with extra charges.

Of course, Germanwings charges extra as well. Of course. Of course. But yet this is once more a example for the advertising industry “borrowing” ideas from great flash mobs and other improv formats. Hey who said life was perfect?

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Ikea’s great Facebook Marketing idea

Aloha! Long time no see… err read, I know. I have been very very busy: Changed job, city, blah, blah, and even blah! 🙂 So here’s my welcome back post. And I believe it is worthwhile.

Swedish “mother-of-all-furniture-stores” Ikea launched their newest store addition in Malmö (yeah, they do have Ikea in Sweden as well!) with a great Facebook campaign.

I have to join the accolades: Very clever idea! It uses FB’s given and beloved features and dynamics, adds a nice and scarce incentive that creates a sense of urgency, while being totally authentic. Respect! This is gonna be copied… and copied… and may be copied. 🙂

Ah BTW: Any ideas on the theme used as background music? It gives me the same tickles as this one here. I like! Write me a comment about… or send me the file 😉 Cheers!

Free book anyone?

After the free download of Chris Anderson’s Free, there is a new opportunity to get my greedy hands onto fresh insights. But this time it’s the real deal hardcopy: founder and CEO Thomas Promny wrote a book on online marketing and – due to a misprint – is giving away the frist edition for free while supplies lastso ask for it in the comments!

All you would have to do is spread the word via blogpost / twitter / whateva… said and done. I am awaiting my copy here. 😉

Localization gone wild!

I received an email newsletter from Quiksilver today. This is great stuff! Because it shows how even big companies struggle, when it comes to localization… even at a low level. See the following example (you would have to speak at least some German to appreciate it 🙂


Mobile coupons made easy!

A local optician booked outdoor ads on bike stands. The funny little trick: If you take a pic of this ad with your mobile and present your chef d’oeuvre at the store around the corner, you’ll get 10% off your order:

mobile coupons pixelmyass

Nice little idea, indeed! I have to admit that I am one of those, who takes pictures of stuff in order to remember it (way too lazy to type*g*). Works for me – as for most people who use their camera phones… and makes this campaign trackable!!! Two thumbs up.

HOME – The Movie

This came up a couple of days ago, but still a nice approach: On June 5, photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Earth from above) and French producer powerhouse Luc Besson present HOME, a great documentary with breathtaking bird-view pictures from over 50 countries worldwide. Definitely worth a watch!!!

Now here’s the wicked part: The movie was made available on DVD and Blu-Ray, in the cinemas, on TV, and even on Youtube (yeah… also in HD!) at the same time. Originally it was supposed to be up there until June 14. It’s still there, so give it a try. Enjoy! 🙂

Economics is a Big Mac

Business is war. People are our target. Sounds familiar? According to Umair Haque these are the rules that forged our world economics and brought us a global recession… and also a 5-blade razor and the Bic Mac. He makes a public call for a constructive capitalism in a recent conference talk at the Daytona Sessions:

Economics is a Big Mac

While being a little bit vague, Umair takes quite a well shot at many Sun Tzu and Von Clausewitz inspired industry giants such as Microsoft or the U.S. car industry. Welcome to the age of interaction, ladies and gentlemen, when:

  • Exploitation has to become Renewal
  • Command has to become Democracy
  • War has to become Peace
  • Domination has to become Equity
  • Value has to become Meaning

But check out the image above. Umair pulls out some nice (although not surprisingly new) examples of today’s uprising companies, who shake up their respective industries. Definitely worth a watch!

Fraudsters seem to love the limelight

My friend Jan posted another cool article over at Managing Tech analyzing the spreading of return debit notes on

over time. While the rise of bounced payments towards the end of the month may not take you by surprise, have a look at the following beauty:

Fraudsters seem to love the limelight

While the number of bounced payments during the day remains more or less stable, hell breaks loose at night time. Interestingly enough most return debit notes relate to nighttime transactions. How about keeping that in mind, when working on your credit scoring next time… 😉