Business is war. People are our target. Sounds familiar? According to Umair Haque these are the rules that forged our world economics and brought us a global recession… and also a 5-blade razor and the Bic Mac. He makes a public call for a constructive capitalism in a recent conference talk at the Daytona Sessions:

Economics is a Big Mac

While being a little bit vague, Umair takes quite a well shot at many Sun Tzu and Von Clausewitz inspired industry giants such as Microsoft or the U.S. car industry. Welcome to the age of interaction, ladies and gentlemen, when:

  • Exploitation has to become Renewal
  • Command has to become Democracy
  • War has to become Peace
  • Domination has to become Equity
  • Value has to become Meaning

But check out the image above. Umair pulls out some nice (although not surprisingly new) examples of today’s uprising companies, who shake up their respective industries. Definitely worth a watch!

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