Aloha! Long time no see… err read, I know. I have been very very busy: Changed job, city, blah, blah, and even blah! 🙂 So here’s my welcome back post. And I believe it is worthwhile.

Swedish “mother-of-all-furniture-stores” Ikea launched their newest store addition in Malmö (yeah, they do have Ikea in Sweden as well!) with a great Facebook campaign.

I have to join the accolades: Very clever idea! It uses FB’s given and beloved features and dynamics, adds a nice and scarce incentive that creates a sense of urgency, while being totally authentic. Respect! This is gonna be copied… and copied… and may be copied. 🙂

Ah BTW: Any ideas on the theme used as background music? It gives me the same tickles as this one here. I like! Write me a comment about… or send me the file 😉 Cheers!

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