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Germanwings goes Guerilla

Aloha! Just noticed that I did’t have a single blog post this year.. yikes 🙁 So let’s start a  new blogging cycle with something really worth showable:

German low-cost airline Germanwings came up with this awesome take on the Ryanairs and Easyjets of this world and their creativity with extra charges.

Of course, Germanwings charges extra as well. Of course. Of course. But yet this is once more a example for the advertising industry “borrowing” ideas from great flash mobs and other improv formats. Hey who said life was perfect?

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Localization gone wild!

I received an email newsletter from Quiksilver today. This is great stuff! Because it shows how even big companies struggle, when it comes to localization… even at a low level. See the following example (you would have to speak at least some German to appreciate it 🙂


Mobile coupons made easy!

A local optician booked outdoor ads on bike stands. The funny little trick: If you take a pic of this ad with your mobile and present your chef d’oeuvre at the store around the corner, you’ll get 10% off your order:

mobile coupons pixelmyass

Nice little idea, indeed! I have to admit that I am one of those, who takes pictures of stuff in order to remember it (way too lazy to type*g*). Works for me – as for most people who use their camera phones… and makes this campaign trackable!!! Two thumbs up.