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Ikea’s great Facebook Marketing idea

Aloha! Long time no see… err read, I know. I have been very very busy: Changed job, city, blah, blah, and even blah! 🙂 So here’s my welcome back post. And I believe it is worthwhile.

Swedish “mother-of-all-furniture-stores” Ikea launched their newest store addition in Malmö (yeah, they do have Ikea in Sweden as well!) with a great Facebook campaign.

I have to join the accolades: Very clever idea! It uses FB’s given and beloved features and dynamics, adds a nice and scarce incentive that creates a sense of urgency, while being totally authentic. Respect! This is gonna be copied… and copied… and may be copied. 🙂

Ah BTW: Any ideas on the theme used as background music? It gives me the same tickles as this one here. I like! Write me a comment about… or send me the file 😉 Cheers!

Fraudsters seem to love the limelight

My friend Jan posted another cool article over at Managing Tech analyzing the spreading of return debit notes on

over time. While the rise of bounced payments towards the end of the month may not take you by surprise, have a look at the following beauty:

Fraudsters seem to love the limelight

While the number of bounced payments during the day remains more or less stable, hell breaks loose at night time. Interestingly enough most return debit notes relate to nighttime transactions. How about keeping that in mind, when working on your credit scoring next time… 😉

Why I love AdWords

Well, only one of the reasons to be honest: It’s super fast and flexible! I found another great example here yesterday. If you noticed: T-Mobile had a major downtime in its German mobile network recently. I was affected as well – no cellphone for 3 hours. Felt like back in the 80s! 😉 (Well actually I thought my iPhone had given up on me. Glad it didn’t.)

So, what do you do in such a case? If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you google for more info. If you’re T-Mobile’s competition, you flip on AdWords.

I don’t know, if you sell more phone contracts with that. But it’s surely a great reaction… and a good laugh! 🙂

How to chose cool KPIs for your site

Avinash has a great post on key performance idicators (KPIs) over at his web analytics blog. Not only does he mention some of the most useful ones (depending on your business that is), he also puts up 8 simple rules on how to do it right:

  1. Start simple, start direct, and please start with Outcomes!
  2. Leverage metrics that identify success for areas where you spend the largest efforts.
  3. Wean your Marketers off the “one night stand” mentality, do pan session analysis.
  4. If you can’t segment a Key Performance Indicator, you have picked the wrong one.
  5. Even “brand” and “site usage” can be measured, Loyalty rocks!
  6. If your short list of KPI’s don’t include a couple that report customer voice directly then you will Never be as successful as you should be.
  7. Using KPI’s that can tie back to the “old world” and “traditional metrics” and help you bring people to the current age.
  8. Not using Competitive Intelligence KPI’s can be considered a crime against humanity!

As mentioned above, the choice of which KPIs to use is highly depending on your website’s business. I will give you some more examples of what we measure over at Hitmeister (and not mentioned in Avinash’s article) in a future post.