Mine! Who is I? It is Benjamin Patock, born and raised in Frankfurt, now living and in Cologne and creating value with a very funky Internet start-up. I was educated by the FH Wiesbaden and Suffolk University (Media Management) as well as the EDHEC Business School (Marketing), which basically means that I was lucky enough to live in Germany, France, and the US of A 🙂

I have been working with the Internet for quite some time now. Almost 10 years that is. Mostly with design and marketing communication. But also product marketing as well as business development and affiliate marketing, some SEO, some SEM… well you get the point. I’m some wild breed of autodidact webdesigner and steamlined marketing geek. Except that I do enjoy sunlight and sports 😉

More info? Feel free to check my Xing or LinkedIn Profile. Or drop me a line!

Why that stupid name for a blog? Well, I wanted something that is cool and violent enough to support the credo of this endeavor. It actually started with a Peecool postcard theme by Eboy which embellishes my kitchen door.